Teoria Extraterrestre

gusmao e paiva

João Maria Gusmao + Pedro Paiva, Mousse Publishing, 2014. € 35,00

Textos: Mattia Denisse, Luigi Fassi, Chris Fitzpatrick, Xavier Franceschi, Massimiliano Gioni, João Maria Gusmão, Katia Mazzucco, Philippe-Alain Michaud, Olivier Michelon, Alice Motard, Pedro Paiva, Gonçalo Pena, João Ribas, Alberto Salvadori, Antonio Scoccimarro, Marcus Steinweg

Eng., ilusts. cor/p&b, 256 pp., 29,7×19 cm, hardcover

gusmao e paiva2

do site da editora:

“For almost 15 years now, the two Portuguese artists João Maria Gusmao + Pedro Paiva have been constructing an imaginative journey through films, photographs, installations, and sculptures that encapsulate philosophical, existential, and conceptual issues.

Produced in conclusion to a series of exhibitions—which began in 2011 with “Alien Theory” at frac île-de-france, and le plateau in Paris, by way of Museo Marino Marini in Florence, and ended with “Papagaio”, 2014–15 (premiering at HangarBicocca in Milan then moving on to the Camden Arts Centre in London)—Teoria Extraterrestre is the most complete monograph to date on João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva, condensing nearly four years of work and thought that have been compiled into a film cosmogony by the artists themselves. This book has been published also on the occasion of a seminar organized by Fondazione Donnaregina per le Arti Contemporanee / Museo Madre, Naples.”

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