Buon Fresco

buono fresco1

Tacita Dean, MACK, 2016. € 85,00

116 ilusts. cor, 112 pp., 28×38,5 cm, softcover

Buon Fresco_Tacita Dean_ 6

Buon Fresco_Tacita Dean_ 26

do site da editora:

“In her work, Buon Fresco, 2014, Dean filmed details of Giotto’s frescos in the Upper Basilica in Assisi using a macro lens, in order, she said, to have the perspective of the artist himself. Giotto humanised the depiction of people in painting in a parallel way to St Francis’s humanising of sainthood, and this moment, when the radical artist depicted the radical saint is an extremely important juncture in the history of art. Frescoes are meant to be seen from a distance, so this book provides a revelatory view of the minutiae and sophistication of Giotto’s brushstrokes, which at times anticipates the future canon of mark marking in Western painting.”

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