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Michael Diers, Regine Ehleiter, Laszlo Glozer, Beatrice Gross, Christiane Heuwinkel, Jutta Hülsewig-Johnen, Susanne Küper, Christina Lehnert, Henrike Mund, Dirk Teuber e Anne Vieth; Johan Holten e Friedrich Meschede (eds.), Walther König, 2013. €40,00

ENG/DEU, 384 pp., ilust. cor e p&b, 30,5×23 cm, softcover

Livro/catálogo publicado na ocasião das exposições: “AUF ZEIT. Was hinter dem Putz steckt”/For the Time Being. Hidden Behind Plaster”, no Staatlichen Kunsthalle Baden Baden (patente de 20/07 a 27/10/2013) e “AUF ZEIT. Wandbilder Bildwände”/”For the Time Being. Wall Paintings – Painted Walls”, no Kunsthalle Bielefeld (patende de 04/08 a 20/10/2013)

Do editor:

“There is a certain contradiction in the attempt to exhibit the history of murals in a museum, given that the mural’s history is necessarily an impermanent one. Thus the two exhibitions documented here from Baden-Baden and Bielefeld can only be temporary projects. Beginning with works by the 1960s artistic avant-garde, the book ranges from Expressionist wall paintings to contemporary graffiti. Both exhibitions are comprehensively documented in text and images.”

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