The Map as Art – Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography


Katharine Harmon, Princeton Architectural Press 2010. € 31,00


Com ensaios de Gayle Clemans, 256 páginas, 360 ilustrações a cores, 22,9×25,4 cm


do editor:

“It is little surprise that in an era of globalized politics, culture, and ecology contemporary artists are drawn to maps to express their visions. Using paint, salt, souvenir tea towels, or their own bodies, map artists explore a world free of geographical constraints. In The Map as Art,Harmon collects 360 colorful, map-related artistic visions by well-known artists–such as Ed Ruscha, Julian Schnabel, Olafur Eliasson, William Kentridge, and Vik Muniz–and many more less-familiar artists for whom maps are the inspiration for creating art. Essays by Gayle Clemans bring an in-depth look into the artists’ maps of Joyce Kozloff, Landon Mackenzie, Ingrid Calame, Guillermo Kuitca, and Maya Lin. Together, the beautiful reproductions and telling commentary make this an essential volume for anyone open to exploring new paths.”

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