A System of Moments


Dennis Hopper, Hatje Cantz, 2001, € 33,00

A Couple of Ways of Doing Something


Chuck Close & Bob Holman, Aperture, 2006, € 35,00

Pictures from the Surface of the Earth


Wim Wenders, Haus Publishing, 2006, € 25,00

Educational Complex Onwards 1995-2008


Mike Kelley, JRP Ringier, 2009, € 48,00

Andy Warhol Live. Music and Dance in Andy Warhol’s Work


Stéphane Aquin (ed.), The Montréal Museum of Fin Arts / Prestel, 2008, € 55,00

Mel Bochner. Photographs 1966-1969


Scott Rothkopf, Yale University Press | Harvard University Museum of Arts, 2002, € 30,00

Buckminster Fuller. Designing for Mobility


Michael John Gorman, Skira, 2005, € 35,00

almost Cover to Cover


Michael Snow, Black Dog, 2001, € 25,00

Do editor:

«Michael Snow is renowned as a pioneering filmmaker and conceptual artist, with a career spanning four decades. He is perhaps best known for Wavelength, one of the most influential experimental films ever made. Mais »



Nuno Félix da Costa, Cortex Frontal, 2008, € 30,00

Do editor:

«Portulíndia percorre as duas regiões do globo numa perspectiva ageográfica, sem carácter de roteiro turístico e intenção de identificar semelhanças entre portugueses e estrangeiros, incentivando o público a inventar o significado, o contexto e as histórias retratadas. Mais »

On This Site. Lanscape in Memoriam



Joel Sternfelfd, Chronicle Books, 1996, € 100,00

Do editor:

«Joel Sternfeld’s vision of American violence depicts sites where harrowing events occurred, but presents them with the photographer’s characteristic quiet, contemplative eye. Includes the site of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, the Memphis motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot, and others.»

Berenice Abbott


Steidl, 2008, € 90,00

Do editor:

«Berenice Abbott is one of the most significant figures in photography and her accomplishments in the field were more wide ranging than any of her contemporaries. Mais »

Staring Back


Chris Marker, MIT Press, € 27,00

Do editor:

«Any new film and any new book by French filmmaker Chris Marker is an event. Marker gave film lovers one of their most memorable experiences with La Jetée (1962) — a time-travel montage set after a nuclear war that inspired Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys (1995). Mais »



Darren Almond, Parasol unit/ Koenig Books, 2008, € 32,00

Do editor:

«Darren Almond’s work examines recurring themes of time, memory, human labor and exploitation. Published for Almond’s solo exhibition at London’s Parasol Unit, Index is a book in two parts. The first catalogues the exhibition, while the second provides a retrospective of the artist’s work to date. Almond is represented by Matthew Marks Gallery, New York.»

Sandra Cinto: Construção

068 (3)

Sandra Cinto, dardo, 2006, € 20,00

Do editor:

«Sandra Cinto lança Construção, livro sobre sua carreira artística, que ao mesmo tempo é o título de sua exposição individual realizada este ano, na Casa Triângulo, em São Paulo, e do que ela considera ter sido um trabalho de edição feito de forma independente. Mais »

William Kentridge

027 (2)

aavv, Phaidon, 2003, € 42,00

Do editor:

«An exploration of the extraordinary artist’s socio-political films and drawings. Survey by Dan Cameron, Interview by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Focus by J M Coetzee, Artist’s Choice text by Italo Svevo, Writings by William Kentridge. Mais »

Tacita Dean


aavv, Phaidon, 2006, € 42,00

Do editor:

«A guidebook to this multi-faceted artist and her allusive work. Survey by Jean-Christophe Royoux, Interview by Marina Warner, Focus by Germaine Greer, Artist’s Choice by W B Yeats and W G Sebald, Writings by Tacita Dean. Mais »

Truth or Consequences


Nick Waplington, Phaidon, 2001,  52,00

Do editor:

«An intriguing collection of photographs taken in and around Truth or Consequences, a small town in New Mexico, whose inhabitants voted to change its name to that of a celebrated radio quiz show in 1950. Mais »

Gordon Matta-Clark


aavv, Phaidon, 2007, € 42,00

Do editor:

«The definitive monograph on the unique and hugely influential artist. Thomas Crow, Corinne Diserens (ed.), Judith Russi Kirshner, Christian Kravagna. Mais »

Tom Friedman


aavv, Phaidon, 2003, € 42,00

Do editor:

«An initiation into the astonishing sculptures of this unusual artist. Survey by Bruce Hainley, Interview by Dennis Cooper, Focus by Adrian Searle, Artist’s Choice texts by Robert Walser and Timothy Leary, Writings by Tom Friedman. Mais »

American Surfaces

032 (4)

Stephen Shore, Phaidon, 2005, € 52,00

Do editor:

«A photo-diary of Stephen Shore’s experience crossing America in the 1970s. A highly influential body of work, mostly unpublished, by a photographer who helped establish colour photography as a legitimate medium of artistic expression. Mais »

Pipilotti Rist


aavv, Phaidon, € 42,00

Do editor:

«A tour of the whimsical world of the internationally renowned video artist. Survey by Peggy Phelan, Interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Focus by Elisabeth Bronfen, Artist’s Choice text by Anne Sexton and Richard Brautigan, Writings by Pipilotti Rist. Mais »

The Valley

027 (3)

029 (2)

Larry Sultan, Scalo, 2004, € 120,00

Do editor:

«Since 1988, Larry Sultan has returned time and again to photograph on porn sets in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley – the Silicon(e) Valley of the porn industry. Mais »

Francis Alÿs


aavv, Phaidon, 2007, € 42,00

Do editor:

«A close look at the Mexico City-based artist’s lyrical expansions of art into life. Survey by Cuauhtémoc Medina, Interview by Russell Ferguson, Focus by Jean Fisher, Artist’s Choice by Augusto Monterroso, Writings by Francis Alÿs. Mais »

Anri Sala


aavv, Phaidon, 2006, € 42,00

Do editor:

«The first monograph on this eastern European artist’s celebrated work. Survey by Mark Godfrey, Interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Focus by Liam Gillick, Artist’s Choice by Ervin Hatibi, Writings by Anri Sala. Mais »

Christian Marclay

021 (4)

aavv, Phaidon, 2005, € 42,00

Do editor:

«An appreciation of the multidisciplinary artist’s ingenious combinations of sound and vision. Mais »

Water Rites


Lucinda Devlin, Steidl, 2003, € 25,00

Do editor:

«The American photographer Lucinda Devlin photographed the interiors of German spa facilities: sites at which people can apparently be cured of chronic illnesses. Mais »

Louise Bourgeois

019 (2)

aavv, Phaidon, 2004, € 42,00

Do editor:

«A celebration of the extraordinary sculptor and her pioneering sculptures and drawings. Survey by Robert Storr, Interview by Paulo Herkenhoff (with Thyrza Goodeve), Focus by Allan Schwartzman, Artist’s Choice text by Françoise Sagan, Writings by Louise Bourgeois. Mais »

Raymond Pettibon

015 (2)

aavv, Phaidon, 2001, € 42,00

Do editor:

«The signature ink-wash drawings of this significant innovator of figurative art. Mais »

Thomas Hirschhorn


aavv, Phaidon, 2004, € 42,00

Do editor:

«The only comprehensive monograph on this intellectually provocative artist. Survey by Benjamin H D Buchloh, Interview by Alison M Gingeras, Focus by Carlos Basualdo, Writings by Thomas Hirschhorn. Mais »

Hommes du XXe sciècle


August Sander, Éditions de La Martinière, 2002, € 128,00

Do editor:

«In 1927 on the occasion of his exhibition Men of the Twentieth Century at the Kunstverein in Cologne, August Sander declared that «to see, observe and think» was the credo of his work. Mais »